Don't call it a comeback but...a lot of BIG stars are coming back to the big screen in blockbuster films in 2020. Jump-starting a new decade there will be plenty of new thrillers, Sci-Fi's, action and adventure flicks heading to the boxoffice to keep movie fans at theaters all year! Back to flex their star power are the likes of Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Jennifer Hudson, even King Kong and Godzilla!

Among the 2020 line-up are several long-awaited sequels, live-action remakes, and TV show/movie redos. This year moviegoers will get an extra scary twist with the film adaptation of the popular 70's TV show, Fantasy Island! This is my bonus pick movie of the year and after you see the trailer below, you'll know why.

So far there are at least 50 films that have already been coined to make huge impacts at the boxoffice this year. Using that list, I narrowed things down to highlight my Top 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2020. See how I did below:

#20. Cruella

#17. SOUL

#11. Spawn

#7. Mulan


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