By now you should be cleaning your home to protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus.

Experts say that we should be using wipes or spray that kills up to 99% of bacteria and viruses. If you can't find any of those cleaning items, you can always resort to regular bleach.

Here are some of the things you should be cleaning in or around your home. If you're already doing this, be sure to share this friendly reminder with others via social media.

Items you should be sanitizing are:

The Microwave Oven: The handle and keypad should be cleaned after each and every use.

The Door Handle of the Refrigerator: Kids are home from school and this could be on the most infected items in your home.

Light Switches: Everyone touches them in your home, make sure you are wiping them down on a daily basis.

Baseboards: Small kids are the closest to these if they are crawling around, clean them. I know its not fun, but it needs to get done.

Faucet Handles: We touch these several times a day, they are easy to clean, just do it.

Door Knobs: Often we touch these as soon as we return home. You don't know what you may have come into contact with while out, it would be wise to clean these a few times during the day.

Your Keys: Like doorknobs, you often touch these after being out in public.

The Remote Control: If you're like me, you often have this in-hand. Wipe it down and do so very often

Cleaning Supply Bottles: Think about it, you often come into contact with these prior to cleaning, thus your hands could be contaminating bottles upon coming into contact with.

Computer: They are filthy. The keyboard has to be one of the dirtiest things in your home or office. Be sure to clean it and also clean the mouse attached to it.

Mailbox: The handle is touched by those who deliver your mail daily and their hands are everywhere. Clean it today. It doesn't take much effort.

The Phone: Not many use the landline any longer, but if you do, clean it. Also, your CELLPHONE. Don't forget, you put your cellphone down on many surfaces, it is filthy.

Steering Wheel to Vehicle: Your hands are all over it. Having recently gone over mine, it was NASTY! Put a rag on it. Soon.

Knobs on Dresser: We touch these a few times a day, it's probably a great idea to clean these too. Reminder, kids too are grabbing on to them.

Of course, there are probably more items that we can add to this list, but here are just a few reminders.

Continue to wash your hands and practice "social distancing" and perhaps we can begin to make some progress in defeating COVID-19.

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