This has got to be the coolest story ever. Dr. Jason Campbell is quickly becoming an American dance phenomenon. He started filming TikTok videos to educate the youth on staying healthy and COVID-19 free. The videos have gone viral and doing a lot of good. Not only is the message getting across, but more than that, Dr. Jason is also spreading a lot of joy during a very stressful time in our country.

An Anesthesia Resident at the Department of Anesthesiology in Portland, Dr. Jason Campbell is using his platform for much more than dancing or TikTok fame. He's using his voice to speak on important issues like overcoming adversity, mental health, and much more. The dancing doctor blog Black Men In Medicine has given him an opportunity to publish his writings on The Oregonian, The Chicago Tribuneand other notable news sources. So, he's much more than the TikTok Doc.

Clearly, the Doc on TikTok, is growing in popularity with more than 120 thousand followers on Instagram and counting. In addition to all of the above, Dr. Campbell has got some moves. Each TikTok features a new health topic or positive message as Doc dances to impressive choreography with a few of his medical colleagues.

Below is a look at Dr. Campbell's fancy footwork. Enjoy!

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