Last night we all had our own version of a Super Bowl Party. We had our Gator Big Game Party at Walk-Ons and raised more money for St. Jude, some people sat around in their PJs and ate on the couch, then there is our friend Marvin Simon owner of Deep South Productions.

attachment-DSP Party 2

For those that aren't aware, Marvin tends to go overboard with his parties and likes to bring out some of the toys that Deep South Productions has on tap to rent. This year, he broke out his new mobile LED wall trailer and set it up in his backyard. Drew East, was tapped to BBQ the evening for the snacks, and the party kicked off by watching the pre-game on the NFL Network. As kick-off happened, the party took a slight turn when they realized the subscription service they were using to stream the game had its local channels blacked out all of a sudden. This meant, there was no way to watch the game. As they frantically searched, they finally found the game, but there was a small twist with it.

The game was being broadcast on an NBC Spanish affiliate! What does that mean? Well, although the game was on, the commentators were all speaking spanish!

Man, we kept looking and looking, we even called the provider and they tried helping us out. We finally found the game, but when we turned the sound on, we realized that we had no idea what they were saying. We even paid $12 more to get the local channels, but they never appeared.

I talked to pitmaster Drew East this morning to get the story. He said although they never got the English version, the Spanish version ended up being way better because the announcers were so enthusiastic about everything happening.

There would be a flag, and they'd get so hyped up you thought one team had scored a touchdown!

I found the next story of the night to be the greatest. One guest was a little late getting to the party, so the entire party decided to play a joke on the latecomer.

We told everyone to not act like anything was wrong, and let's see how long it takes for Stevie to notice. He walked in the backyard and we were all cheering at the game and Stevie just stared at us all. Totally confused.

I asked Drew if the Spanish Superbowl would now be a thing in the future at the Simon house and he told me that it was so much fun that more than likely it probably will be!

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