There is a lot of talk about voting and making sure people who are not voting will get the opportunity to do so. I remember when I first got the chance to vote. My mother picked me up from school and we went and voted together. I will remember this day like it was just yesterday.

I tell anyone who will listen to take the opportunity to get registered and vote. A voter registration drive will be happening Juneteenth weekend at the Lake Charles Civic Center from 4:00pm until the end of the annual fireworks display.

There will be a second voter registration drive on the same night at the SWLA Center for Health Services (2000 Opelousas Street) from 7:00pm until their drive-in movie later that night.

Again, if you have never registered to vote, make sure to take part in this event and utilize your voice. If you would like additional information, don’t hesitate to reach out to Craig Marks at 337-794-1860.

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