In 2010, the Associated Press reported more than 1,900 U.S. military weapons had supposedly been lost or stolen from bases across the country. How does that happen?

Even more shocking is some of the "missing" weapons have turned up in violent street crimes. Everything from machine guns, grenades and launchers, assault rifles, and more have gone missing. Some of the U.S. armories missing weapons of war include Army and Marine bases in California and Georgia.

Incredibly, the excuse so far for the misplaced or vanishing weapons has been due to unlocked, unmanned, or disabled surveillance. ABC10 reported it's not just weapons that are disappearing, it's also explosives. In January, roughly ten pounds of C-4 plastic explosives came up missing from a San Bernardino Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center during an exercise.

A Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating that incident alongside Federal agents. That said, there is a massive weapons accountability investigation going on with several government agencies working together to get the bottom of this national emergency. The Pentagon, by the way, used to be required to share an annual report of missing weapons with Congress, but that requirement is no longer in place.

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