I am a person who has seen the devastation we have endured with two hurricanes back to back. I am also a personal witness of businesses being closed, homes being lost, and some of our locals having to up and move to other places. So this is truly not a swipe at anyone who is going through personal things right now. I am also in the midst of going through it with you. However, a trip this weekend to Lafayette has me with some questions.

I have been here in Lake Charles since 2001. I feel like this is home for me now. I have almost spent more time here than I have in my birth city. So I have seen business try to come to the area and get shut down. I have heard of businessmen coming and wanting to bring big ideas to our area and were basically vetoed. My wife and I went to a place for breakfast called Another Broken Egg Café. We had a great time and the ambience of the area was nice. I can't recollect the exact area, but the restaurant was surrounded by other local businesses and a nice walk way where families were taking pictures and just enjoying the scenery.

We have a great city here and while there seems to be some movement in the downtown area, we have so many locations here where there is so much land and empty lots that need growth. I am a firm believer of not being taken advantage of, but if there is someone wanting to bring a little excitement to our city, if they have good means and are giving back to the city, let's make a deal. I am also a big proponent of locals having the opportunity to start a business, but let's make it feasible for them to do so.

When it comes to starting a business, it takes resources, money, sweat, and sometimes tears. Having a major overhead for rent or leasing is not helping matters at all. I know Lake Charles has so much potential and while we are seeing growth, this goes back further than the two hurricanes we had to deal with. These changes should have been made years ago. I am here for it and want to see our city be the tourist attraction that others are reaping the benefits from. We have so much more to offer than gaming and oil, and I hope that within the next couple of years, we will see that happen.

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