Since Thanksgiving, people are starting to blame the most random things on Marie Callender. Got a flat tire? Thanks Marie Callender. The question is, why is this funny and where does it come from?

Thanksgiving day is a time for food, family, and fellowship. Everything must be in place and perfect. That means there is no time to burn a single item you are cooking. You have to follow the directions perfectly, or you might just ruin Thanksgiving! That's what Sharon Weiss believes, at least.

Sharon post a picture of a burnt pie and tagged Mari Callender's blaming them for ruining her Thanksgiving celebration. The pie is absolutely toasted, but why is it Marie Calender's fault? Needless to say, the comments about Sharon's complaint are absolutely golden! What did Mari Callender have to say about it? They actually replied stating they were sorry about Sharon's pie, and to contact them and learn about exactly what happened.

The reply by Marie Callender's just fueled the Pumpkin Pie burning fire as the comments raged on!

More and more people are hopping on the trend. In fact, you can now get a "Thanks Marie Callender" Christmas ornament!

God bless the holidays. When you think things are bad, just know there are people out there like Sharon that go through life that absolutely clueless. Thanks Marie Callender!

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