It’s that time again, cold and flu season. This year we have another virus to worry about on top of those two with COVID-19. All of these contagious viruses have us on edge everywhere we go.  Although they are around all year, they are more common during the fall and winter. October is when cold and flu season begins and the peak season is usually between December and February. Pharmacies are giving the flu shot and the mommies are constantly telling their little ones to wash their hands. The CDC says the flu shot reduces the risk of getting sick by 50%. A recent survey of 2,000 Americans done by ZICAM found that the top three things that make them feel better when they have a cold is taking a nap, curling up on the couch with a blanket, and eating chicken noodle soup.  Dr. Jake Deutsch, Founder and Clinical Director at Care Urgent Care in New York City, released his best recommendations in preparing for colds, according to SWNS Digital. With the stress of this year’s season, we’ll take all the tips we can get.  Here are Dr. Jake Deutsch’s top five tips for this cold season.

Five Tips For Cold and Flu Season

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