Floyd Mayweather raked in $285 million over the past 12 months, including endorsements. $275 million of those profits came from one night worth of work back in August 2017 when he defeated Conor McGregor in the ring. That single night alone has catapulted the famed boxer to the top of the Forbes highest paid athletes of 2018.

Right behind Mayweather in the number 4 spot is his opponent Conor McGregor. The UFC fighter earned $75 million for that one-night event but overall made $99 million over the past 12 months, also including endorsements.

In at number 6 on the list is NBA superstar Lebron James who brought in $88.5 million, with $52 million of it coming from endorsements.

Most of the other top earners came from the world of soccer. Read more at Forbes.com.

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