Louisiana is getting $1.6 billion dollars from the  American Rescue Plan. Governor John has outlined his priorities for spending this money.

He says the top priority is to pay back the feds for loans we had to take out to continue paying unemployment claims. Edwards wants to earmark $630 million to address the state's bankrupt unemployment trust fund, $400 million to replenish the fund and $230 million to repay the federal loans when the state fund ran out of money.

The Governor also wants to spend $400 million on infrastructure. He says this will help us chip away at the $14 billion dollar backlog of projects we have all around the state.

He also wants to spend $300 million of the money on water and sewer projects all around the state. He says many communities have crumbling systems and this money could be used along with local money to help rebuild those systems.

Edwards says "we have a once in a hundred year opportunity to make significant advances in water and sewer which is a tremendous problem all across the state of Louisiana."


The Governor says he expects to receive the money from the federal government within the next two weeks. He also says another round of federal money is likely next year.


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