I haven't been able to watch the show in a while, but Iyanla Vanzant is bringing Fix My Life to a close with the final season on the OWN Network. She has been fixing or trying to fix families' lives from normal every day people like you and me to celebrities, including the Pace sisters and actress Lisa Raye.

However, Iyanla has decided to put an end to it herself. I can only imagine that after all of these years of working to better people, she has been through a lot in her life. Well, tonight Lenny Green will be interviewing her inside The Quiet Storm. This is going to be an interesting show and no one truly can lock down an interview like my guy Lenny Green.

Iyanla will be calling into The Quiet Storm during the 8:00pm hour, and you'll get to hear the discussion as well as some of your favorite slow jams to get the mood right. Tune us in tonight on Lake Charles Number one for R&B Magic 92.1. You can also tune in through the Magic 92.1 app.

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