Donald Thomas, Deep South Entertainment/Black Heritage Festival Executive Director, felt it was time to provide our community an opportunity to speak out on continued police killings across the country. The tragic manner in which George Floyd of Minneapolis died and the fact that the justice department is dragging its feet is tooo much to stomach. As a black person in America, I know first hand that this country has a long way to go when it comes to equal rights for all. Police killings like that of George Floyd have been going on for decades with no real punishment or consequences for the officers who commit these them. The heinous behavior at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve must end. It's going to take law enforcement agencies and America's justice system and even fellow police officers to oust, prosecute, and convict to stop the killings. Something needs to be done.

Until then, communities across the nation need to express their outrage over the pain of watching someone die, the frustration that things like this keep happening to certain people, and the concern that the justice system continues to turn a blind eye to heinous acts by police that are fueled by hatred and racism. People are angry, hurt, and tired of being passive.

Justice must come for the George Floyds, Breonna Taylors, and Ahmaud Arberys of the world. Donald Thomas organized the peaceful protest Sunday to allow residents to grieve theses lives and the lives of many others and to invite everyone in the community to a chance to pray, show solidarity, and honor their memories. Not only did folks jump at the opportunity to show love and unity, they came out by the hundreds. People needed a chance to say what was on their hearts and they did so peacefully and orderly. Well done, everyone! Well done, Donald! God bless you all. Below are a few photos from Sunday's peaceful protest.