Yesterday, many of our Lake Charles residents got the opportunity to get out of the house for a change. However, the occasion was not about going to a club, social event, or concert. It was about protesting peacefully in Lake Charles.

Southern Touch CEO and event organizer, Donald Thomas, put together the Peaceful Protest in memory of George Floyd and the many other kids, men, and women who have been killed at the hands of law enforcement. The protest was put together with only two days notice and received and outpouring of well over three hundred people in attendance.

As the event started, there was music to welcome the crowd from Bob Marley to Frankie Beverly and Maze. The event started around 3:30pm with host Donald Thomas welcoming the crowd and having prayer for the group by Pastor Desmond Wallace. This is what a peaceful protest looks like, as you can tell from some of my pictures below.

Lake Charles Peaceful Protest May 31,2020

This was an emotional event, yet it was much needed for this time and day. The event had praise dancing from Angel Purdy, performances from Jarvis Jacob and Harold Guillory, and emotional words from Darius Clayton, Alvin Joseph from the Lake Charles NAACP, Pastor E.J. Kemper, and more.

The reoccurring word for the event was vote, and the importance of how voting can help rid our cities of bad cops and politicians, and could move to make the changes we need. There were many in attendance from various backgrounds and races. However, the common thread was putting an end to racism and police violence.

While this is a much needed start, I don't see this being the end.

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