Sometimes we get bored and go poking around the internet, looking for something to keep the existential dread away for just a few minutes of peace. Some days, it’s cat videos. Other days when we’re feeling pretty brave, we’ll hit up reddit.

Which is where we found a heated debate going on over what people in Louisiana call backpacks. Or bookbags. Or maybe they’re booksacks. Or schoolbags.


Some people say it changes based on when you were in school, while others swear it’s a matter of geography. If you’re closer to Texas, for example, they say you'll probably call it a backpack. Closer to Mississippi, and it’ll be a booksack. We have our doubts as to the scientific validity of these conclusions.

Help us put an end to this whole thing once and for all. What is the correct word to use when referring to those things what for students stuff books in and wear on their backs to school?


(We won't go into the whole one-strap or two-strap debate, and we're staying well away from whether they should be worn on the front like kids these days are doing, or on the back like God intended.)

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