Yesterday, August 18, McNeese State University released an official statement in regard to economic boycotts in the city. Widespread anger has fallen on police jurors who recently voted to keep the Confederate soldier monument at the courthouse. Why is it a problem for so many? Confederate soldiers fought to maintain the wealth of the South’s economy intact. That wealth was made on the backs of human beings: slaves. For many, the monument represents the deep-rooted hatred and bigotry of white supremacy. That is the problem.

In Germany, you won’t find one statue of Hitler because the disgusting sins of the Holocaust are nothing to celebrate. America should adapt that same moral compass. Until then, disagreements and protests will continue over racist monuments and symbols. Here at home, there have been decades of protests over the Confederate statue in front of the Lake Charles courthouse.

That argument was once again brought before city leaders, and many members of the community were in attendance. A McNeese faculty member was one of many residents who offered their opinions on the matter. KPLC 7 reports since then, protestors against the monument are planning an economic boycott. The university felt it necessary to release a statement to clarify where it stands on the issue via Facebook.

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