The news came down today from Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry that the two Baton Rouge officers in the Alton Sterling case would not be charged in the murder and some would say assassination of Alton Sterling.

After an apparent thorough investigation, their means of serving justice was labeled as "reasonable and Justifiable". This is another sad situation where Black and White plays a part in the way things are being handled. The video was seen around the world and everyone got a chance to see how this Alton was done in a manner that even the blind could see the officers handled the situation poorly.

He has a family that he left behind and was posted up at a location which he had been on more then one occasions and never had issues before. I wish that I could say that I was surprised by the verdict and I wish that I didn't even have to make this post. But the fact of the matter is that it did happen and unfortunately nothing will change.

While the officers have a right to protect themselves. What about the civilians who should be able to live in a world without being judged on race or guilt. I truly feel sorry for this mans family and kids and wonder what will it take in order for things to turn around. We are losing Black men at an alarming rate and no one is being held accountable for their murders. My prayers and deepest thoughts go out to the Sterling family and friends and the city of Baton Rouge. There is no doubt that justice was not served and once again we have to deal with the fact that our government failed us once again.


Alton Sterlings Family Holds Press Conference after Attorney General Jeff Landry's decision

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