When you're married, sometimes it's the small things that bring a little happiness to your significant other's face. That's why I am excited about telling my wife the news about the return of Saints and Sinners this weekend.

This is one of those shows that follows turmoil and drama in the church and with everyone involved. There is always someone sleeping with someone's husband or wife. Either way, the shows are always entertaining.

This Sunday night, season five will begin and there is going to be even more drama to unfold. For those of you who have not checked it out, it is on the Bounce channel. I have been hooked since season one. They are also welcoming actor Gregory Alan Williams who was most recently seen in Greenleaf.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming series. Iif you love drama and excitement, you will love this show.

I guess I can call this a date, as my wife has already told me she is getting everything done early so we can catch the season premiere this Sunday night.

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