You know it's officially Halloween Season when the Spirit store opens up. This time, it's in a brand new location.

Now located in the old Anna's Linens store on Highway 14 (3051 Gerstner Memorial Highway), Spirit Halloween's doors are open from 10:00am - 9:00pm every day but Sunday, when it closes at 6:00pm.

I don't know about anyone else, but Halloween is my favorite holiday, and the Halloween store is my favorite store. Ever. On the planet. I go multiple times each year after it opens up, just to see what's new and so it'll at least feel a little bit like fall even when it's still 90+ degrees outside. (Fall Ain't Nothin' But Summer With Pumpkins, Y'all)

Fortunately, my kid loves it as much as I do, so I can usually pretend I'm just taking him to, like, encourage his imagination or whatever. Mostly, I'm just going for me, though.

We swung by the place yesterday to check out what's on offer this year, and we weren't disappointed. The most exciting thing for us was probably the fact that there's a whole Stranger Things section this year. (We're huge fans.)

Kristian Bland

If anyone wants to buy me anything, I'll take one of all of the Stranger Things. Please and thank you.

The best part of going to the Halloween store is, of course, watching all the little kids get scared out of their minds whenever they step on the little pressure pads scattered around the store and something horrible jumps out at them. Unfortunately, my kid turned 12 this year, so the scares don't really scare him all that much anymore and now I have to make do with watching other people's children scream their heads off at the jumping spider. It's just not the same.

Still, if you're really lucky, an employee dressed as a terrifying clown will chase you (or better yet, your kids) around the store with a chainsaw for free. So there's that.

However, if scares aren't exactly your thing, there's still plenty of other stuff to dress up as this year. Maybe being extremely chill and an all around groovy dude is more your style. No problem! The Bob Ross section's got you covered. (My kid loves Bob Ross. He might end up wearing a happy little costume this year.)

Kristian Bland

Spirit Halloween just opened, so they'll be getting new stuff in as we get closer to the big day, which is one of the excuses I use for my repeated visits throughout the season. For example, while we're not that into Fortnite in our house, I hear it's pretty popular with the kids these days. We spied a pretty big section of blank shelf space with a giant Fortnite sign above it and a Coming Soon sign, so it'll be worth checking back if that's your thing.

Also, don't let the haters get you down when you start decorating your house and lawn with all things Halloween starting right now. After all, if Christmas-oriented folks can claim November and December as the "Holiday Season" then we can have September and October for Halloween.

It's only fair.