Since I moved here in 2001, I have sometimes felt like I was out of place. The culture here is not bad and the people are even better, but sometimes I thought I was in my own world. Plenty of that had to do with some of the language and words I've heard since I've been here in Louisiana.

The other day, we posed a question about some terminology you would probably hear here in Louisiana and not anywhere else. Check out some of the answers below.

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What's really funny about it is that if you are from Louisiana, you know exactly what they are saying and feel right at home. I admit some of the verbiage I am familiar with. Don't get me started with the various pronunciations for Hebert and Richard and plenty more. There is no other place like Louisiana. When it comes to food and fun making for a great time, there is no doubt in my mind why I have no plans to leave any time soon.

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