A paternity dispute between Offset and self-proclaimed Instagram model, Celina Powell. Groupie is more like it. Anyway, this is Powell's third attempt running a rope-a-rapper scam, trying to force them into being her baby daddy. TMZ reported last year she tried to nail Chief Keef, and before that Fetty Wap. So it's pretty clear, the woman is obviously disturbed. At this point, should probably undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

As previously reported this woman has been a thorn in Cardi B's side for months now. It all started with Powell claiming to being pregnant in December, then allegedly having a little girl named Karma in March, posting fake pics a baby, and naming Offset as the father. The rapper and his camp denied the claims, and said from the very beginning that the star never met the woman. Yet Powell insisted they were intimate, and posted fake text messages the rapper supposedly sent her. She also posted a Facetime convo with the star, which was actually a "prank call" after she got a hold of the rappers number.

All the drama caused the young rap couple a lot of problems, and nearly broke them up. Cardi was feeling some type of way. Can you blame her? The raptress was at the height of her career, newly engaged, plus pregnant, and a groupie's claiming she just had a baby for her man? Next Hollywood Life reported Powell filed a paternity suit, and managed to get a court order to make Offset take a DNA test.

Cardi B who left a very brief statement on Twitter. 
HotNewHipHop reported that the rap diva was happy to call the deranged woman a fraud. Cardi isn't the only one. Since the beginning folks have been calling bull**** on Powell, accusing her of downloading fake DNA docs with misspelled words, to photo shopping the results and never being pregnant.

Powell's story really started falling apart when to audio recordings hit the net. HipHopDX reported a woman believed to be the groupie, was admitting she made the whole thing up.

I guessed she realized the gig was up. Now after months of ignorant baby mama  shenanigans, Powell has officially admitted to DJ Akademiks it was all a lie!


Some people will do ANYTHING for five minutes of fame. It's sad because her lies almost broke them up. She clearly needs to get some help, or maybe Offset should sue the living hell out of her. Maybe being sued or going to jail, for deliberately making false claims will teach her a lesson. You can't play with people's lives, and then walk away like it's all good. I'll keep you posted on this one. In the meantime I am happy for both Cardi and Offset, because now they can finally put this crap behind them.

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