The Lake Charles Fire Department (LCFD) will begin flushing water hydrants on Monday, May 14, as part of their semi-annual testing in the City, and in Ward 3 and District 2. The testing will last through Thursday, June 14, 2018.

The testing is required twice a year to maintain their Class Two Fire Rating, with the last time happening from October to December of 2017.

The flushing of water hydrants stirs up iron particles and other settled material and may result in a temporary rust-colored condition in the water lines of residences or businesses when the water is in use, but this is a temporary condition and the water is safe for domestic use.

If residents experience discoloring of water during the time of the flushing of hydrants, they are encouraged to drop by and pick up cleaning detergent designed to get the red out of clothing.

Below is a list of locations the cleaning detergent can be picked up.

  • LCFD Administration Building, located at 4200 Kirkman Street
  • LCFD Fire Trucks
  • Any local firehouse

Also, call 491.1598 or 491.1599 for more information.


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