A friend of mine asked me had I heard this song that was making it's way around the city of Memphis and had all of the Juke Joints playing it. He said the song was called "Cougar Hunter"  by a new artist name Courtney Little and from the sounds of the title I knew what it was about, but didn't know what to expect.

He not only sent me the song, but also included the video as well. Once I saw the video I was hooked. Check it below to see what I am talking about and see if it doesn't have you hooked as well. Now I don't know a lot about Courtney, but I will definitely tell you that he has a hit on his hands and the ladies are going to love this one.


Courtney Little- "Cougar Hunter":


You can believe that we will be talking with the homie soon and may even be getting him in the area to talk about his career and what's in the future. I think we have a banger family. Be on the lookout for an upcoming album and more to follow this year.

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