Hailing from the home of David Banner, Jackson State University and Medgar Evers is Southern Soul producer and singer Big Yayo. I have the chance to speak with him earlier today and we talked about his career and artist that he discovered and helped create hits for including Lamorris Williams, J'Wonn and plenty others.

Now he has decided to take the front seat and drop some hots singles that will get people excited about his career. He's had some pretty good hits including "The Boots On" with Omar Cunningham, "Cowgirl" and more. While we talked about the new album that will be dropping soon. He spoke of the new release being something close to Southern Soul with the instrumentation and sound of "The Chronic".



There is definitely more to come from this guy who is really making a name for himself. Also be on the lookout for him to come to Lake Charles to show out when the time is right. Be on the lookout for more great artist to be covered here on the all new Magic 1470.


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